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Fluvanna County Historical Society

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Fluvanna County Historical Society


Founded in 1964, the Fluvanna County Historical Society is an incorporated non-profit organization dedicated to the collection and preservation of manuscripts, documents, and materials relating to the history of Fluvanna County; to protecting, preserving and promoting the historic, cultural, natural, architectural and archaeological heritage of Fluvanna County; to facilitating research and presenting historical programs, exhibitions and other activities relating to the area’s heritage; and to publishing its research in a series of annual bulletins and newsletters.

The Society operates the Old Stone Jail Museum in Palmyra as a center for learning about Fluvanna’s history. The Society also owns the Village Park adjacent to the Palmyra Post Office, where a map of historic Palmyra is available. In addition the Society owns the Palmyra Mill which will soon be converted into an historic park, and the Holland-Page Place on Courthouse Road is also owned and operated by the Society. Holland-Page Place is a log cabin built in 1865, which the Society recently restored and received an award for its restoration. It has been open to visitors since June of 2007.

The Fluvanna County Historical Society and its archives reside at the center of Palmyra at a building known as Maggie's House and is located next door to the Old Stone Jail Museum.

Contact Us:

Judith Mickelson, Director
Hayley Tompkins, Archive Specialist

Phone: (434) 589-7910

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8, Palmyra, VA 22963
Physical Address: 14 Stone Jail Street, Palmyra VA 22963

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Fluvanna County Historical Society (Fluvanna Historical Society)

Collection Items

Free Negro Register Paper
1848 letter from Clerk of Court for Fluvanna County, Virginia registry paper for free negro, signed Abram Shepherd.

1828 Milepost
This is a stone road marker placed by General John Hartwell Cocke, the Fluvanna County Overseer of Roads, in 1828. This specific marker directed people from the Fluvanna County seat at Palmyra to the James River at New Canton. There were multiple…

Virginia Airline Railroad
On Friday, May 1, 1908 students from Palmyra High School boarded the train in North Palmyra on this momentous occasion. Here, they left Station 812 at 9:45 and traveled to the next station – Wildwood. Although this station had no memorable name,…

The Page Gold Mine on Long Island Creek
The Page mines were located on Long Island Creek. They werefirst eradicated in 1856 and an eight stamp mill was created to crush the ores of the veins running through the property. Although it is hard to find the origins of the property in county…

Old Tavern of Columbia
Early taverns of America were places where members of the community and travelers alike could eat, drink, gather, and sometimes even sleep. There were several taverns located in Columbia throughout the years since the town’s founding. This…

Virginia Airline Condemnations, 1907
In February 1907, the Virginia Airline first began acquiring land to build a new railroad that would run through Fluvanna County, and would connect to the C&O Railroad. This offered Fluvanna the opportunity to be connected to many larger cities such…

Three Chopt Road
Three Chopt Road (Three Notched Road)

This picture shows a tree with three notches etched in the bark, along Three Chopt Road also known as Three Notched Road. It was an early road built upon an old Native American trail. The road runs through…

Covered Bridge at Palmyra
The covered bridge at Palmyra was built in 1884 by W.R. and C.C. Cocke to replace earlier wooden bridges. The 1884 bridge was of mortise and tenon construction, and was built using 3,000 white-oak pegs instead of nails or bolts. One of the pegs is…

Burning of the Palmyra Covered Bridge
This newspaper clipping shows the burning of the Covered Bridge over the Rivanna River at Palmyra in 1931. Although this was done by the Virginia State Highway Department under controlled conditions, it was still a sight to see. This bridge was…

Peg from Palmyra Covered Bridge
This white-oak peg was one of 3,000 used in the mortise and tenon construction of the Palmyra Covered Bridge over the Rivanna River, built in 1884 by W.R. and C.C. Cocke. They were used in place of typical nails or bolts because they could be…

Taxable Personal Property List, 1782
A list of the personal property taxes paid by citizens in different districts of Fluvanna County in 1782. Although these lists do not give a full list of all persons living in Fluvanna County, they do provide invaluable information on some of the…

Death Certificate of Burton Payne
Death Certificate of Burton Payne founder of African American community "Payne Town" includes notation "slave of AG Wills" died at age 105

Uncle Burton's Recollections of Chatham, VA. Commencing 1835
Narrative of Burton Payne, enslaved by John Wills at Chatham Plantation, and Albert Gallatin Wills of Forest Place Planation, narrative collected before 1922, identifies Burton Payne's father Thomas Mathews
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