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Little River.jpg
FOUNDED: 1791, present building built in 1855
LOCATION: Buckner Road, Bumpass

INFORMATION: 3rd oldest Baptist church in Louisa County. In 1850, many members withdrew and helped organize Bethpage Church at Frederickshall and Gilboa Church at…

St. Mark.jpg
Built shortly after the Civil War, the church is still located on its original site on Old Factory Road in the lower portion of Louisa County. The church operated a school for African-American children in the area from the early 1900s until about…


FOUNDED: Church built in 1876; It is one of the 4 continuously operating Catholic churches in the Diocese of Richmond.

LOCATION: Rt. 618, Fredericks Hall Rd.,…

Mineral Methodist.jpg
FOUNDED: Current church built in 1906-1907

LOCATION: 3rd St., Mineral

INFORMATION: Originally members met in a small chapel on the Harris farm near Pendleton. Preachers were Circuit Riders from the Goochland Charge . After a fire destroyed the…

FOUNDED: Organized in 1866

LOCATION: Buckner Rd.(Rt. 609) , Bumpass

INFORMATION: Black members asked to leave Little River Baptist Church to form their own church. They met in a brush arbor until winter when they met in the home of a member.…

Among the various sects seeking to follow more pure apostolic ways in Louisa County were the Christadelphians. Also know as Thomasites, this group originally built the curiously shaped Octagon Church in lower Louisa County in 1858. The structure was…

The second Great Awakening in America spread to Louisa County by 1830. The zeal stirred by this second wave of revival inspired the rise of tract and Bible societies, missionary societies and the Sunday school movement.

Women found in these…

Rev. Tucker served the mission churches of the Episcopal Diocese of Vigininia, one of which ws St. James Episcopal Church in the Town of Louisa.

FOUNDED: current church built in 1881

LOCATION: Ellisville Road, town of Louisa

INFORMATION: The church was started after the Civil War and shared space with the Methodist Church in Louisa for many years. By 1881, the congregation raised…

FOUNDED: Early 1740’s during the Great Awakening under the ministry of The Reverends Samuel Davies and John Todd.

LOCATION: Three Chopt Road, Gum Springs

INFORMATION: Oldest Presbyterian Church in continuous use in Virginia. Only remaining…

Thomas Johnson was born in Louisa County and attended Seminary in Lynchburg after the Civil War. He returned to Louisa and pastored several African-American churches throughout the remainded of the 1800s.


Photograph taken sometime in the early 20th C. near Trevilian Station, Louisa County. Jeff Porter appears in other photos at the Trevilian Station Depot.

Page from the account records of William Jackson Walton, later Superintendent of Louisa County Schools 1884-1886. Last date on account is Jul 1, 1859. W.J. Walton lived in the Jackson District off of what is now Paynes Mill Road.

Items on…

Bond issued to W.H. Harris of Louisa County for $500 from the Confederate States of America. Payable two years after ratification of a peace treaty with the United States with 6% interest.

Date of issue July 20, 1864.

$1,000 Bond issued to L.R. Swift by the Confederate States of America, payable ten years from date of issue with 8% interest. (See pdf file for detailed view.)

Barn Ionia 2009 017.jpg
One of the oldest timber frame barns in Virginia. Built by James "Wheatstacks" Watson soon after he purchased this farm in 1773. The Library of Congress HABS collection states that at least two family documents refer to a mill on James Watson's…

1848 letter from Clerk of Court for Fluvanna County, Virginia registry paper for free negro, signed Abram Shepherd.

Permission for Confederate soldier Henry D. Gardener to visit Louisa County

C.L. Goodwin is hereby exempt from military duty by reason of being owner of over twenty negroes on his plantation. When he ceases to be such this exemption is hereby declared void.


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